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Triund Trek

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India


2 days 1 night

Tour Type

Daily Tour

Group Size

15 people




Triund Trek Quick facts:-

The starting point of Triund trek:- Bhagsu Nag waterfall Taxi stand

Starting Time:- You have to report to Bhagsu taxi stand by 9 AM

Best Time for Triund Trek (January -December except for mid-June to mid-August)

Maximum altitude of Triund Trek – 9,432ft

Triund Temperature:- 8 to 10 degrees in the morning and about -7 to -10 degrees in the evening.

Total trekking Length– 9 km

Base Camp– McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala(Himachal Pradesh)

Nearest railway station:- Pathankot Junction

Nearest Airport:- Gaggal Airport

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About Triund Trek

In comparison to other Himalayan treks, this trek is considered the easiest but ideal for those seeking Hassle-free trekking in the Himalayas. Trek to Triund is short and well-marked but a steep one, making it easy but equally thrilling. At just a few Kilometres from Dharamshala and Mcleodganj, Triund top offers a breathtaking view of the Snow laden Dhauladhar range. Trek trails through the picturesque Kangra valley. To camp at 9700 feet above sea level. As the sun bids adieu to trekkers in the evening, It turns the entire valley orange and offers a perfect photoshoot background. Bonfire beneath the dark sky dotted with billions of twinkling stars and silver mountains shining in the background is the warmest moment at trek despite the chilled air. With colourful rhododendron, lush green meadows, ankle-deep snow and a view of snow-laden peaks, Triund trek offers everything a Himalayan trek has for its Hikers.

Triund Trek Highlights:-

  1. Triund is one of the best and most favourite treks for beginners, and one seeking a short break from their hectic schedule.
  2. Dhauladhar range covered with snow will give you goosebumps and can leave you aww.
  3. Triund trek is of 2 Days/ 1 Night.
  4. Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast tea snacks are included in your package.

Triund Trek is famous for its:-

  • Stunning View of mighty Dhauladhar Range:- What could be more beautiful than sky decorated with millions of tiny twinkling stars, glittering snow of mighty Dhauladhar range; refreshing chilling wind; warmth of the bonfire, hot and delicious food and deep silence. Triund trek is most famous for its breathtaking view of the snowcapped Dhauladhar range which can leave you stunned for a while.
  • Sunrise & Sunset of Triund Trek:- Astonishing blend of huge Sun peeping from behind the Dhauladhar range, light red sky, deep gorges completely covered with green Alpin forest makes this trek more attractive for peace lovers and photographers.
  • High headed mountains and deep gorges covered with alpine trees:- Just after ascending for 15-20 minutes you will start witnessing some most beautiful and picturesque views of high and arrogant mountains standing in front of you and beautiful gorges with some colourful tiny houses of local shepherds.
  • Some paragliders may be flying just above you:- Dharamshala is also famous as a paragliding destination, so you may get a chance to witness some colourful paragliders hovering over your head.
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Best Season for Triund Trek:-

Triund is an evergreen trek. Except monsoon season i.e the month of mid-June to mid-August, the Triund trek can be done around the year. A fresh snowfall can be expected in December and January. This trek could be the best alternative for those who are looking for a hideout from pricking summer in April May & June. During the spring season, you will witness some beautiful wildflowers on its trail.

Triund Trek – A gateway for many other treks and explorations:-

Triund trek is just a beginning or we can say a gateway for many other great treks like Snowline trek which is also known as Laka Glacier trek and some very long expeditions for those enthusiasts and experienced trekkers who want to explore the Dhauladhar range and its beauty a bit more.

How to reach Triund Trek:-

For the Triund trek first, you have to reach Dharamshala “one of the most famous Buddhist tourist destinations”. Dharamshala is well connected with major cities nearby like Delhi and Chandigarh

Reaching Triund from Delhi by public transport:- 

You will get a direct bus from New Delhi, Kashmiri gate Bus stand for Dharamshala or Mcleodganj. Generally, buses get parked at gate number 5 of the Kashmirigate metro station but some bus operators also give the option of boarding from the Vishvidyalaya metro station and Majnu Ka Tila bus stop. It is recommended to get your prior booking which can be done from any private operator or you can also check it on HSRTC or Redbus

Reaching Triund from Chandigarh by public transport:-

You will also get numerous options of Luxury semi-sleeper and sleeper buses directly from Chandigarh to Dharamshala. These buses generally depart from Tribune chowk but some operators also give facility to board at Sohana Gurudwara Sahib and Bypass. You can get your ticket booked in advance from the website of some local tour operator or you can check it on online platforms like Redbus and GoIbibo.

Reaching Triund from Dehradun by public transport:-

 Triund is approximately 410kms away from Dehradun. But the problem is that there are no direct means to reach Dharamshala from Dehradun, so the best option available from Dehradun is of private Taxi which may cost you approximately 3500-4500 INR. The total journey will take approximately 10-12 hours.

Reaching Triund by Train:-

The nearest railway station for the Triund trek is Pathankot railway station. This station is about 90kms away from McLeodganj- basecamp of Triund trek. Taxi and public buses are easily available at Pathankot railway station for McLeodganj. The estimated time of travel from Pathankot railway station to Triund is of 2 hours 15 minutes. If you are coming from any Eastern or Souther part of India then you can take a train till Delhi and then can take a bus from Delhi for Dharamshala. It’s our recommendation to you to check the availability of seats before confirming your booking with Manchala Musafir. You can check the availability of trains from IRCTC

Reaching Triund by Air:-

The nearest National airport for Triund trek is Kangra-Gaggal airport which is officially known as Kangra Airport and is approximately 19Kms away from McLeodganj. The nearest International Airport is Indra Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. You can opt for both options whichever suits you the best.

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The temperature on Triund Trek:-

In case you are coming in the winter season, the daytime temperature will be between 2-15 degrees Celsius and at night it can fall up to -8 degrees celsius. If there will be of snowfall, the temperature may fall up to -15 degrees Celcius.

In the summer season, you may expect a temperature between 12-25 degrees Celcius and at night time it will fall up to 5 degrees Celcius.

Trekking essentials for Triund trek:-

If you are planning to trek on your own then you should keep good quality tents, Stove, LPG cans, readymade foods like Maggie, Soup and all. Carry water bottles because in the summer season you may face difficulty in getting natural water. Take a shovel to make a toilet pit and cover it before leaving your camping location. if you book your trek with Manchala Mushafir then we will provide you with all the above facilities with a clean environment.

Some common requirements for trekking

Clothing:- On the usual day also the temperature of Triund is much lower than our crowded cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Chandigarh so we have to take special precautions while coming to Triund trek. Even on summer days temperature here at Triund top fall below 5-degree celsius at night. So, prefer to pack some warm items of clothing and especially woollen socks. If you are coming to Triund in winter then you should keep some extra layer of warm clothes with some add-ons like woollen gloves, thermal inner etc.

Backpack:- A backpack of 40-60 litres with proper stitching and rain protector will be enough for this trek. Before buying any backpack check its online review or if you visit a store then properly check its stitching. Keep 10 feet nylon rope with you for emergencies.

Items to pack in Backpack before leaving for the trek:-

  • Headlamp*
  • Trekking poles*
  • HandGloves*
  • Sunglass
  • Hand sanitiser
  • Face mask
  • Face shield
  • Powerbank
  • Camera and extra battery
  • Toiletries
  • Cap*
  • Cutleries like spoons, cups etc.
  • Napkins/Towel
  • Waterbottle of 1 Litres capacity
  • Some general medicines** like Avil, Crocin, ORS, Vicks, Digene, sanitary pads(for females).

*You can also rent these items in Mcleodganj on extra payment. If you need any of this please inform your trek leader he will help you.

** Our trek leader also carry a medical box with him. In case you don’t have any above medicine or you are not feeling comfortable please inform your trek leader.

Note:- Please keep a small pouch for keeping rappers, napkins or anything you want to dump. Don’t litter on mountains.

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ATM and network condition on Triund trek:-

ATM:- You will get many ATMs at Dharamshala & McLeodganj. If you want to withdraw money then please withdraw it before starting your trek.

Network:-  Generally we get a network of Airtel and JIO to our camping location which is in Mana. But you will not get a charging facility at a camping location because these camps operate with solar plates so keep a fully charged power bank with you. Once you start ascending from the camping location network will start getting weak.

What are the lodging options available near Triund Trek? 

Before or after trekking from Triund you can stay either in Mcleodganj or in Dharamshala. You will get numerous options of hotels, lodges, and camps for lodging both in Dharamshala and Mcleodganj. We suggest our customers get their room reserved before reaching the Dharamshala/Mcleodganj part to avoid any kind of surcharges, particularly in peak seasons. You can book your rooms directly from online hotel booking platforms like OYO and Goibibo.

If you are trekking on your own prefer to carry your tents and sleeping bags during peak season. In the off-season, you can also rent tents that are permanently pitched at some locations on the trail of the Triund trek. These tents will cost you between 600-1000 INR depending upon camping locations and the quality of tents.

Fooding options available on Triund trek:-

If you are going on your own and planning to book tents on the spot then you can also talk with them about your food with some additional charges of approximately 200-300 INR depending upon Veg or Non-Veg food and food quality. Prefer to carry your water bottles especially in dry seasons otherwise, you can also buy water bottles from small shops cafes available on the track but they will charge you around INR 50 for a normal 1-litre water bottle. In the winter season or spring, season water sources can be available at your camping location.

Manchala Mushafir/ Musafir Quick Tips

-While on Triund Trek please carry a water bottle with you. Maintain your water stock and keep sipping to keep yourself hydrated.

-Since the Triund trek is at a lower altitude, so it will not be very tough, but since we will cover approximately 8-9km each day, you need basic stamina. Practice walking or slow running before coming to trek.

-Carry some dry fruits or grams(chana) or some chocolates or some protein bars with you to maintain your energy level during your trek.

-Please carry your Govt. approved Photo Identity card(Eg. Driving Card, Voter I card, Service I Card etc). Keep it in a plastic pouch and slip it into the inner pocket of your backpack to protect it from getting wet.

– Take regular breaks during your treks. Don’t haste during the trek and maintain a proper distance from other trekkers.

-Since trekking is a sport, so team spirit can make your and others trekking memorable.

-Internet or network connectivity will not be on the trek, so inform your family members and Impatient friends before starting. Try to avoid taking calls and surfing on the internet. Just take the maximum out of your trek.

Top 6 places where you can also visit near Dharamshala after Triund Trek:-

  • McLeodganj:-

    A hilly town just 5.2Kms away from Dharamshala is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. McLeodganj is nowadays home to the world-famous Buddhist monk Dalai Lama. It offers a religious treat to its visitors with its numerous ashrams, monasteries, churches and temples, one of the most famous is that of the Dalai Lama temple and church of St.Johns. McLeodganj market decorated with colourful Buddhist flags, handmade goods, sculptures and some stylish tourists makes this place more beautiful. McLeodganj is generally full of foreign customers so we recommend our customers to make the booking of their rooms.

  • Dharamshala cricket stadium:-

    A cricket stadium at a height of 1500meters  above sea level, tucked between high mountains. You can visit this Dharamshala cricket stadium also known as HPCA cricket stadium any time between 9 a.m and 6 p.m. Entry fee is just INR 20 per person.

  • Kangra Fort:-

    Kangra fort is situated at an approximate distance of 20Kms from Dharamshala. This fort was built by a Royal Rajput family in the 4th century A.D on a steep rock of Purana Kangra( Old Kangra) at Sangam (confluence) of Banganga and Majhi river. Generally, tourists who visit Dharamshala prefer to visit Kangra fort also. Adjoining the fort there is a museum operated by the royal family of Kangra that also provide an audio guide which will help you know all about this fort and its history in detail.

  • St. John in the wildness Church:-

    A beautiful church St. John located amid an alpine forest which is dedicated to John the Baptist. This church is standing high since 1852 had welcomed many tourists and devotees. This church is also the most famous attraction for visitors to Dharamshala. Most people love to trek to this church.

  • Dalhousie:-

    Dalhousie is one of the most beautiful places to visit. It is the most beautiful place was one of the popular destinations for British officers. It was even named after a British governor-general of India The Earl of Dalhousie. Even today you will find many offices and buildings of the colonial era. It is stretched on 5 hills and is about 116 km from Dharamshala. It is called Switzerland of India. If you visit Dalhousie don’t forget to visit Panchpula waterfall otherwise you will regret it.

  • Bir Billing:-

    One of the most famous and loved paragliding destinations of India Bir Billing is just 64Kms away from Dharamshala. Bir billing is famous because it is the second-highest destination of paragliding in the world. Here you can meet some word famous paragliders hovering above your head. If you are coming to Dharamshala, you should also plan for paragliding in Bir-Billing and other adventure sports like Bunjee jumping, sky cycling etc.

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Alternative Manchala Mushafir tours in Manali you can try:-

Covid-19 advisory for trekkers which they have to follow before and while on the trek:-

  • Please wear a mask when you are at the marketplace or interacting with your co-trekkers or trek leaders.
  • Keep hand sanitisers and keep using them at regular intervals.
  • Covid 19 test report is necessary. The report should not be more than 72hours old. Avoid travelling if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Inform your trek leader at any moment if you feel uneasy or face any health-related issue he will help you to get recover or will soon inform the base camp emergency evacuation team.
  • Get a Vaccine before coming on the trek.

Note:- All above link provided in this article are just a suggestion. Manchala Mushafir Pvt Ltd and any of its owners or employees have nothing to do with their dealings.

“Manchala Mushafir- Manjil Musafiron Ki”

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Day 1-McLeodganj To Triund

McLeodganj to Triund (9 km)
As the Triund begins from McLeodganj, it takes you through a lush forest. The refreshing scents of various trees will be a feast for your senses. As you hike uphill, you will get panoramic views of the Himachali landscape. High mountain peaks, topped with snow, and shining under sunlight, will be a treat for your eyes. You can elongate the 5-hour trek and admire nature at your own pace as your move towards your destination.
On reaching Triund Hill, you will witness one of the best sunsets ever. Remember to capture this amazing sight in your cameras. Pose with your companions against the backdrop of the setting sun; this will make perfect memorabilia of the sojourn. The sights from here are one of the highlights of the Triund in McLeodganj. Here, light a campfire, and spend the night under the canopy of stars.

Day 2- Triund to McLeodganj

Triund to McLeodganj
Get up early morning to enjoy the wonderful view of sunrise and charming beauty of Triund. After breakfast, you will be taking the trek to McLeodganj, where the Truind trekking experience will come to an end.


  • Veg Food. Three meals a day
  • Forest Permits/ Camping Charges/ Permits/Trek Permit Fee/IMF Permission(Up to the amount charged for Indian National)
  • Camping Tent/Temp rated Sleeping Bags/Sleeping Mat
  • Qualified and experienced Local Guide, Cook, Helper.
  • Morning evening Tea/Coffee with light snacks.
  • Porter or mule for carrying common luggage.
  • Basic Medical Kit.
  • Crampons if required.
  • All Taxes
  • Air tickets or transportation from Delhi to McLeodganj and from McLeodganj to Delhi
  • Meals during a road journey.
  • Personal medical kit
  • Any Kind of insurance.
  • Any expense of personal nature.
  • Porter or mule for carrying personal luggage.
  • Any Kind of emergency evacuation charges.
  • Any expense not mentioned in the inclusion list.

Tour's Location

Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, India


Is Triund trek dangerous?
No, the Triund trek isn’t dangerous at all unless it is the monsoon season. Trek paths can get slippery during the rainy season. One can easily do this trek even if one is a beginner at trekking.
Can Triund trek be done in single day?
You can complete this trek in 1 single day as well but if you want to enjoy the beautiful sunrise and sunset over the Dhauladhar range and bonfire in the chilling night, you should make a 1-night halt on Triund top.
How long is Triund trek?
Triund trek is around 9 km trek from both sides which takes around 4-6 hours to trek
What is Triund trek difficulty level?
Triund is an easy trek that can be done by beginners with little effort.
Which is Triund trek best time to visit?
The months of March to June have the best weather condition to trek to Triund top. The sky is crystal clear and the weather is pleasantly cold.
Can we go on Trind trek in November?
Apart from the monsoon months of July and August and months of January and February when winter and snowfall are at their peak, the Triund trek is accessible for the rest of the months.
Is there snow on Triund trek?
Yes, there is snow on Triund trek during the winter months.
Is Triund trek safe for girls trekkers?
Triund trek is quite a popular trek among trekkers so there are a lot of trekkers taking this trek simultaneously. Moreover, our trekker’s safety is the top priority at Manchala Mushafir. Triund trek is completely safe for girls trekkers and solo trekkers as well.
1. What activities are included in the Triund trek package?
Your Triund trek package includes camping, trekking, bonfire and gaming activities.
2. Is camping allowed in Triund trek?
Yes, camping is allowed in the Triund trek. You can join us to enjoy a camping experience on the Triund top set amidst snow-capped mountains of the Dhauladhar ranges.
3. Which type of shoes should I carry on the trek to Triund?
You must carry a good trekking shoe that is flexible, water-resistant and have ankle support.
4. How is Triund Trek weather?
The weather of the Triund trek is pleasantly cold and comfortable during all months of the year except January and February when there is heavy snowfall and it gets chilling cold on the Triund top.
5. What are the toilet/washroom facilities on the Triund Trek Package?
While on your Triund trek, you will be provided with toilet tents that are waterproof. There will be 2- 4 tents depending on the size of the group. The toilet tents will have a deep pit for your nature calls. You will also have a mound of soil and a shovel to cover it up. This is the most hygienic waste management system in the mountains. Also, toilet paper will be provided during the camping.
6. What kind of physical fitness will be required to do trekking in Triund?
Triund trek is an easy trek. Though you will find a steep ascend during the initial part of the trek leader will make sure that you are not left behind the group. However, you can prepare yourself by jogging and cycling every morning along with some yoga and stretching exercises to make yourself fit.
What cost does it take to trek in Triund?
Triund trek is one of the easiest treks of India and a favourite of beginners. So either you can do it with any company like Manchala Mushafir or you can hire a guide on your own at mc-Leodganj or you can trek on your own.
I'll assume that your trip will start from New Delhi so will try to break up the cost accordingly.
- There are many buses available from New Delhi directly for Mc-Leodganj. It will cost you roughly between 600-1000 INR depending upon the comfort and luxury of the bus.
-After reaching Mc-Leodganj you have two options, either you can stay in a dormitory/hotel or you can start your trek directly. You can hire your personal guide which may cost you around 600-800 INR depending upon your bargaining skills.
-On reaching the top you have to rent a tent, the guide will help you with that. Hiring a tent may cost you between 800-1500INR depending upon the availability of tents.
-There are many canteens available on the way, their foods and beverages are quite costly. They may charge you double or triple of the MRP, but it's ok. They deserve that price.
So total it may cost you around 2700-3600INR depending upon your bargaining skills and snacks consumption.
Is Triund trek difficult for 1st time trekkers ?
No... Not at all... Triund trek is one of the easiest treks of Himachal Pradesh and is idle for first-time trekkers. But since this is a trek it is not as easy as walking on the road. It needs certain physical stamina and discipline.
On a scale of 10, I will give it 4 for its level of difficulty. So if you are going on this trek for the first time, it's recommended to start working out at least 15 days before coming on the trek.
What should I Know before coming on Triund trek?
Before coming on the Triund trek one should take care of warm clothes they are going to need on Triund. More than that you can also take a check on weather conditions and expected temperature because at Triund and Mc-Leodganj weather varies very quickly because of the Dhauladhar range. Other than Triund trek Mc-Leodganj and Dharamshala have a huge option of other adventure activities like paragliding, Zip-Lining and many more.
How to camp in Triund?
There are camping options available. 1st one is that you can carry your own camping stuff and can camp. You can rent camping equipment's from Mc-Leodganj. 2nd option is of hiring a fixed camp available on the way. It will cost you around 1000 to 1500 with food, tea & snacks. Extra blankets may cost you more.
How much time does it take to cover Triund trek Up-Down?
As you know Triund trek is one of the easiest treks of India. So professionals take less than 3 hours to trek both ways but some beginners take more than 5 hours one way. So it totally depends upon your stamina and body capacity. But my dear friend you are on a trek not to check your stamina or anything so don-t haste. Go slow take a regular pauses and enjoy the beauty around you.
Do you provide triund trek package from Delhi?
No, we provide trekking service mostly from its base camp. But we arrange transportation from Delhi if you are in a group of more than 10 people.


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