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Brahmatal Trek | Uttrakhand



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Brahmatal trek Quick facts:-

Brahmatal trek base camp – Lohajung is the base camp of the Brahmatal trek.
The temperature at Brahmatal– 8-10 degrees Celcius during the day and 0 to -7 degrees Celsius at night.
Total trekking distance – 24Kms
Brahmatal trek difficulty level – moderate
Brahmatal trek nearest railway station– Kathgodam Jn
Airport– jolly grant airport, Dehradun is the Brahmatal trek nearest airport.

Best Time (Mid Nov-Feb)

Maximum Altitude of Brahmatal Trek– 12,200ft

Mythology about Brahmatal Lake:-

Brahmatal trek is not only famous for trekking but it has got mentioned in Puranas also. There are many mythologies around this lake that you get to hear while trekking or from local villagers. One of the most famous is that the creator of the universe Lord Brahma had done mortification for a very long time. After that many yogis did the same. So this trek got its name on the name of Lord Brahma.

About Brahmatal Trek

Trek to Brahmatal, Lake of Lord Brahma begins from Lohajung, a tiny village in the Chamoli district of Uttrakhand.

As per the Hindu Mythology, Lord Brahma is said to have meditated beside this lake so it’s given the name Brahmatal. The Brahmatal trek trails through beautiful valleys, forests of cedar, conifer, oak, and fir. Moreover, the snow-covered path makes the Brahmatal trek a paradise for snow lovers. Brahmatal trek offers a bird’s eye view of the mysterious Roopkund Trek and lush meadows of Ali & Bedni Bugyal, taking its trekkers on two Himalayan treks simultaneously. Lakeside camping at Bekal Tal, changing Sceneries with ascending along with a view of glittering Garhwal Peaks like Mt. Nandaghuti, Mt. Neelkanth, Mt. Chaukhambha makes Brahmatal trek one of the best winter treks in Uttrakhand. The absence of step ascend together with great heights makes the Brahmatal trek one of the best treks for beginners booking for first-hand trekking experience in Uttrakhand Himalayas.

Brahmatal Trek is famous for:-

  • Frozen Lake especially in the month of December and January.
  • Marvellous view of some of the world-famous peaks of greater Himalaya like the peaks of Mt.Nanda Gunti, Mt.Trishul, Mrigtoli, Maiktoli,Devtoli, Bethartoli and Rotli.
  • Carpet of colourful Rhododendron found during Autumn and Spring season.
  • A clear view of Asia’s largest meadow Ali and Bedni Bugyal.
  • Fresh snowfall in the month of December and January.

Best time to go on Brahmatal trek:-

Brahmatal trek can be done 7 months in a year. Except for Summer and Rainy seasons, it can be done in all other seasons with different experiences in each season. So let’s talk about experiences and changes on trails of Brahmatal trek with the change of season.

Brahmatal trek weather in Spring season:- 

The Spring season is one of the most favourable seasons to do this trek especially if you are planning to trek with kids or family. Rhododendron-a famous flower especially found in himalayas0 blooms in this season. These flowers make this valley more beautiful and picturesque. In this time you will also get a clear view of some of the most famous peaks of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Gunti. Kids coming on this trek enjoy the most in this season.

Brahmatal trek weather in Autumn:-

In autumn whole valley turns golden making the views of this trek more beautiful. The best thing about this trek in this season is a clear view of some of the most famous peaks of the inner Himalaya and Asia’s largest Bugyal i.e. Ali and Bedni Bugyal which will appear clearly in front of you.

Brahmatal trek weather in winter:-

Brahmatal Trek in the winter months of December and January
receives fresh snowfall and with it comes the winter chill. During the daytime, the Brahmatal trek temperature
ranges around 8-10 degrees Celcius. This is a pleasant time to trek. However, at night, expect
Brahmatal trek temperature to go to sub-zero level and at higher altitudes around minus 7-8 degrees. The whole valley will get covered with knee-deep snow and at end of  December and starting of January month, you may face some very strong storms. This makes this trek more challenging and thrilling.

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Brahmatal trek highlights:-

1) Camping locations around frozen glacial lakes are among the best camping locations in
The Himalayas.
2) The entire Brahmatal trekking trail is covered with snow during winters.
3) Brahmatal trek route goes inside ancient forests of oak & rhododendrons standing there for
4) It is not trekked by many trekkers. So if you don’t like much rush and want to go on a trek
similar to the kedarkantha winter trek in Uttarakhand the Brahmatal trek is the best alternative.

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Brahmatal trek meal plan:-

Meals during the Brahmatal trek includes simple and hygienic veg + egg.
Moreover, you shall be served morning/evening tea/coffee with light snacks and veg or Non-veg
soup during the trek.

Stay during Brahmatal trek:-

As Brahamatal trek is one of the famous winter treks of India. So you will get many options of homestays in Lohajung. But after Lohajung you will not get any permanent establishment, so you have to make your own arrangement. You can rent tents, sleeping bags and sleeping mattresses from basecamp. If you are trekking with Manchala Mushafir then just leave your worries to us. In Lohajung we will stay in a very beautiful homestay with an amazing atmosphere.  After Lohajung we will stay at our camping locations on the mountain. Our staff will take care of all your camping needs.

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How do we do Bharmathal Trek?

1st Day:- Kathgodam to Lohajung
Altitude: 7,662 ft.
Distance: 210 km (7 hrs drive)

2nd Day:- Lohajung to Daldum
Distance: 3.5 km
Approximate Time Required: 3.5 hours

3rd Day:- Daldum to Bekaltal
Distance: 3 km
Approximate Time Required: 3.5 hours

4th Day :- Bekaltal To Daldum Via Brahmtal Trek Summit
Distance: 5.5 km
Approximate Time Required: 6hours

5th Day :-Daldum To Lohajung
Distance-: 3.5 km
Approximate Time Required-: 3 Hours

6th Day:-Lohajung To Kathgodam
Distance: 210 km
Approximate Time Required- 7hrs Drive

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Brahmatal Trek essentials:-

As we all know that Brahmatal trek is a high altitude trek with an altitude of approximately 12,200 feet. Snowfall and chilling wind during winter make this trek more challenging and adventurous. So if you want to enjoy this trek without falling sick then you have to pack your Backpack wisely. Here I am providing a checklist that you can refer to before packing your Backpack.

  • Backpack of capacity 40-60 with rain cover.
  • Trekking pole*
  • Trekking shoes*
  • Headlamp*
  • Getters*
  • Crampons*
  • Poncho
  • Helmet*
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Personal use toiletries
  • Face Towel or Facewipe
  • Toilet Paper
  • Sanitary pad
  • Waterbottle
  • Full Sleeve T-shirt
  • Trekking trouser
  • High altitude jackets(effective till -15 degree temperature)
  • Raincoat
  • Personal medical kit
  • Sunscreen with SPF>70
  • Lip balm with SPF>40
  • Woollen socks
  • Woollen muflers\ scarf
  • Cotton socks
  • Face Mask
  • Hand sanitisers

*These things can be rented from basecamp at a nominal rate. If you need any of these then please inform Manchala Mushafir executive or trek leader well in advance.

Constituent of first aid kit:-

  • Waterproof band-aid
  • Antiseptic cream and liquid
  • Volini/ Iodex spray
  • ORS/Electrol Powder and ENO
  • Paracetamol
  • Pain Killer
  • Avil
  • Vicks
  • Medical tape
  • Medical Gloves.
  • Cotton
  • Thermometer
  • Crep bandage
  • Cough Pills
  • Personal Prescription medicines.

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How to reach Brahmatal Trek:-

Lohajung a small hamlet in Uttarakhand is the base camp of Brahmatal Trek. So we will start our trek from Lohajung. Lohajung can be reached mainly by two routes one is from Kathgodam and the second is from Rishikesh.

Kathgodam to Lohajung:-

Kathgodam is a small town have a railway station which is approximately 220kms away from our base camp Lohajung. There are three direct trains from Delhi those are

a)02040- Kathgodam Satabdi(daily) – 6:20 NDLS – 11:55 KGM (5 Hours 35 Minutes)

b)05035- UTR Sampark Kranti Special (daily)- 16:00 DLI – 22:45 KGM (6 Hours 45 Minutes)

c)05013-Ranikhet special( daily).20:20 DEC – 05:05 KGM (8 Hours 45 Minutes)

All three are very nice trains you can book any one of them. But if you are coming from a place other than Delhi or nearby then I would recommend you to go for the train in serial number “a” or “b” and take a break either in Delhi or in Kathgodam. You can check availability and book any of these trains from the IRCTC website directly.

Once you reach Kathgodam come out of the railway station. If you will book our package from Kathgodam then our representative will welcome you at the gate. If you wish to join us from Lohajung then you will get Sumo on sharing basis outside the railway station which will drop you directly to Lohajung where our representative will meet you. This journey will take approximately 8-10 hours and will pass through Almora-Gwaldam-Tharali-Dewal-Mundoli-Lohajung. This route is very beautiful and will get some very beautiful picturesque locations.

Rishikesh to Lohajung:-

The other option available to us is to reach Lohajung from Rishikesh. Although it’s a bit longer than the above route scenic beauty makes this route worth it. Rishikesh land of yoga is about 260kms away from Lohajung and it will take about 10 to 12 hours to reach there. You will get a direct bus from the Rishikesh bus stand early in the morning. The bus will depart from Rishikesh at sharp 5 A.M. So plan your trip accordingly. As you have noticed that the journey is of 10 to 12 hours so it’s our sincere advice to you to reach the bus stop at least 15 minutes before the departure and secure your seat well in advance.

If you are coming in a group of 4 or more then you can also book your personal cab from the Rishikesh bus stand. The cab will take approximately 9 to 10 hours.

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Top 3 Places to visit near Lohajung:-

The snow-covered hilly village of Uttarakhand, Lohajung is surrounded by numerous natural beauty and adventurous other than Brahmatal Trek. I am providing a shortlist of some places, if you have one or two days spare or are stuck in Lohajung due to bad weather then you can visit any or all of these places. Trust me these places are really beautiful and worth your attention.

Wan Village:-

It is a small village situated at a distance of about 15km from Lohajung. This village is a famous night halt destination of one of the most famous treks Roopkund trek. This village is situated at a height of about 2400 meters above sea level in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Fully dipped in the raw culture of Uttarakhand other than scenic beauty all around this village also offers many cultural and historic footprints. Welcoming villagers will welcome you with smiling faces and some ancient stories about Latu Devta and Nanda Devi, the local deity of the wan village.

Ronti Saddle trek:-

Not much famous among trekkers Ronti saddle trek is about 33 Km away from Lohajung. This is a saddle trek located between two famous peaks of Mt Nanda Gunti and Mt. Trishul. Actually, this trek is an extension of the Roopkund trek. We reach Roopkund on the fourth day and then we will move toward Ronti saddle and the Channai ghat and ultimately trek will end at Sithail.

Ajan Top:-

It is a meadow located at a height of 8399feet on top of the hill which is at a distance of 2.35km from Lohajung. The trail full of Rod0dendron and the oak forest is a perfect one day hike. Amazing view of some of the highest peaks of this area like Mt Nanda Gunti, Mrigtoli, Trishul etc. and trails of Ali and Bednibugyal will definitely make your day. The sunset view from this top is just more than a simple wow…

Some of the important queries of our trekkers:-

Can I do Brahmatal Trek alone?

Brahmatal trek has the difficulty of medium level, especially in winter it is a bit challenging so going on this trek solo is not a good idea. Heavy snowfall, chilling wind and slippery surfaces increase the risk level of this trek. You must go on this trek in a group especially during the winter season.

If I will talk about other seasons then yes you can go solo only if you are a regular trekker or have done a basic mountaineering course or advanced mountaineering course from any reputed national school or have done this trek before. Otherwise, try to come here in a group it will be much safe.

If you are travelling with Manchala Mushafir then you don’t need to worry. Even if you are going on this trek solo our certified trek leaders and staff will ensure your safety. They are well trained to tackle any emergency situation and are certified medical practitioners. They are also equipped with wireless devices so that they can inform the nearest camping location for help in an emergency situation. So if you wish to travel solo then leave your worries to us.

Is Brahmatal part of the Himalayas?

Yes, Brahmatal lake is located on the Kumaon side of the great Himalayan ranges.

Will there be snow in Brahamatal in December?

You will get snow on Brahmatal right from the month of November. In December and January, you may witness light to heavy snowfall almost every day. So if you want to enjoy snowfall not just snow then you can plan your journey in these two months.

Which trek is best Brahmatal or Kedarkantha?

Every trek is unique, so it’s really difficult to compare one trek to another. Every trek has its own features. But still, if you want a comparison of these two treks then let’s start with the Kedarkantha trek which is very much famous among trekkers for its summit beauty. From the top of this trek, you will get a 360-degree view of all the snowcapped mountains around. But on the other hand, the Brahmatal trek is least marketed and so less popular among trekkers. This trek has everything a trekker expect from a trek like snowfall, challenging terrains, beautiful snow-capped mountain peaks and many more.

As we have discussed earlier Kedarkantha is more famous so reaching there is much easier than reaching to Brahmatal trek. You can get regular departure for Kedarkantha but for Brahmatal you have to join batches on some specific dates. But as Kedarkantha is the most famous winter trek of India it is more crowded than the Brahmatal trek, so if you wish to have some isolation and visit one place still untouched by urbanisation and pollution then you can choose for Brahmatal trek.

Is there a network in Brahmatal?

No, at Brahmatal you will not get any mobile network. Lohajung is the last point where you will get a good signal. So inform your well-wishers before leaving from Lohajung. After Lohajung just enjoys nature and capture some beautiful moments of your life.

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So if you wish to experience a roller coaster ride experience with a closure view of some of the world-famous peaks and meadows then buckle up and join Manchala Mushafir as our next group departure for this trek. It’s my promise this trek and Manchala Mushafir team will not let you down because we are known for our commitment and the Brahmatal trek for its amazing view.

Contact Numbers for emergency or natural calamity:-

Manchala Mushafir emergency support:- 74428286096;7366994924 9311052232

SP Chamoli:-9411112722, 01372-252134

DM Chamoli:-75715972


Ambulance:- 102

Disaster Management Officer:-01372-251437; 9411352136

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Day 1 - Kathgodam to Lohajung

Upon your arrival in Kathgodam early morning, you will meet our representatives at a bus stand or railway stand. From there You will be driven for almost 9 hours to reach Lohajung, 225 KM from Kathgodam.

Your night stay is at Lohajung.

Day 2 - Lohajung to Bekaltal

After breakfast, start your trip to Bekaltal. En route, let your eyes enjoy some awe-inspiring views of Nandaghunti Peak as you trek through the forests of oaks and firs.
Conclude the 4-5 hours long trek after you reach Bekaltal. The total distance you cover would be 8kms.

Stay overnight in tents.

Day 3 - Bekaltal to (Tilangi) Brahmatal

Enjoy the snow-covered pathways that let you reach Brahmatal. It will take around 4 hours to complete the trek.

The trails go through a forest and when you reach Telindi top, behold the enchanting views of the mighty Himalayas.

Continue walking to finally arrive in Brahmatal Lake.

Day 4 - (Tilangi) Khabekhal to Daldum (Via) Brahmatal Peak

Right after breakfast, get ready to climb to the top of Brahmatal.

Tread along the tricky pathways which go through Chota Jhandidar and Bada Jhandidar.

This trail is encircled by a mountain ridge with valleys on both sides.

It will take 2.5 hours to reach Brahmatal Top.

On this journey, revel in the glimpses of magnificent Himalayan Ranges. Mt. Trishul is very close along with the views of Nandaghunti.

From the top, you get exotic views of snow-covered Himalayan Ranges.

Proceed to the next campsite in Daldum and the trek will take up to 3 hours to finish. 2.7 KM will be the distance you would be covering with this trek.

Again, forests will accompany you through these trekking trails.

Day 5 - Brahmatal (Daldum) to Lohajung

Today, you will trek back to Lohajung along the same path you took to reach Brahmatal.

Once you reach here, check in to your guest house and take a rest.

Day 6 - Lohajung to Kathgodam

Conclude the trek and depart to Kathgodam early morning.

After your arrival at Kathgodam, your trip comes to an end.

You can spend the rest of the day fruitfully on your own. Be it sightseeing or shopping, Kathgodam will not disappoint you.


  • Veg Food. Three meals a day
  • Forest Permits/ Camping Charges/ Permits/Trek Permit Fee/IMF Permission(Up to the amount charged for Indian National)
  • camping Tent/Temp rated Sleeping Bags/Sleeping Mat
  • Qualified and experienced Local Guide, Cook, Helper.
  • Morning evening Tea/Coffee with light snacks.
  • Porter or mule for carrying common luggage.
  • Basic Medical Kit.
  • Crampons if required.
  • 5% GST
  • Meals during a road journey.
  • Any Kind of insurance.
  • Any expense of personal nature.
  • Porter or mule for carrying personal luggage.
  • Any Kind of emergency evacuation charges.
  • Any expense not mentioned in the inclusion list.

Tour's Location


Which is the best time to do Brahmatal Trek?
As the Brahmatal trek is a winter trek in Uttarakhand, it is best done in the months of November to February. However, during late March and April, you can catch sight of a variety of the red, pink, white rhododendrons on this trail.
How difficult is Brahmatal Trek?
The difficulty level of the Brahmatal trek is moderate and you will be covering a total distance of 24 km. However, trails through snow can get a bit challenging
What level of physical fitness is required to do Brahmatal Trek?
Though the Brahmatal trek is a moderate trek, it can get challenging with a mix of snow-covered trails and steep and gradual ascent. So, you need to prepare yourself. For this, you can start jogging every day early in the morning or cycle for some time. Always take the stairs. Always start morning exercise with a brisk walk and then some physical exercise like stretching. You should also practice yoga every day to regulate your breathing.
What is route of Brahmatal Trek?
Here is the route of Brahmatal Trek:

Day 1: Kathgodam to Lohajung
Day 2: Lohajung to Bekaltal
Day 3: Bekaltal to Brahmatal
Day 4: (Tilangi) Khabekhal to Daldum (via) brahmatal peak
Day 5: Brahmatal (Daldum) to Lohajung
Day 6: Lohajung to Kathgodam
What clothing or equipment do we need to carry on our side during Brahma Tal Trek?
For your Brahma Tal trek, you can carry 2 trek pants - Carry at least two spare pair in case you first pant get wet... Three warm layers: During this trek, you will be trekking at a high altitude so it is very important that you have proper clothes for the climatic conditions. Make sure you have three warm clothes layers to protect you from snow. It can be a warm and light woollen sweater, fleece jacket and padded jacket to keep you insulated and warm apart from T-shirts, preferably full sleeves. Brahmatal trek gets chilling cold during winter months.
Which type of shoes should I carry on Brahmatal Trek?
For your Brahmatal trek, a good trekking shoe is sufficient for the trek. When there is snow, we provide micro spikes and gaiters. you need proper trekking shoes which are comfortable and tough. Choose trekking shoes that are flexible and have good ankle support. Also, see that they are water-resistant
Can we visit Brahmatal trek in summer?
Yes, the Brahmatal trek is open in every season other than the monsoon when the trail gets slippery.
How long we have to walk each day during Brahmatal Trek?
It varies on day to day basis from 2.7 KMs to 8KMs because of camping locations on the Brahmatal trek.
How to reach Brahmatal trek base camp?
Upon your arrival in Kathgodam early morning, you will be picked up from the Railway station or Bus stand by our representatives. From there, you will be travelling for around 9hrs to cover 225KMs and reach Lohajung, which is the base camp for the Brahmatal trek.
Which is the nearest railway station to Brahmatal trek?
Kathgodam is the nearest railway station to the Brahmatal trek.
How to reach Kathgodam?
You can get direct flights from Delhi to Kathgodam as the nearest airport to it is Pantnagar airport which is 72 km away from the main city of Kathgodam. From there, you can find a taxi or catch a direct bus to the city or a train as Kathgodam has its own railway station, Kathgodam (KGM).
Which is the last ATM accessible on Brahmatal trek?
Dewal has the last ATM point before your trek begins. However, it’s advisable to withdraw money at Kathgodam itself.
How is Brahmatal Trek weather?
As the Brahmatal trek is a winter trek, the weather is mostly sunny during the day and cold during the night, sometimes chilling cold. Weather is quite unpredictable in Himalayan treks.
What is the temperature on the BrahmaTal Trek?
During the winter months, the temperatures fall up to -5°C to -7°C at the night. During the daytime, you will experience 0°C to 2°C. In the spring and summer months, you will experience a pleasant day with a temperature of around 10°C
What to pack for Brahmatal trek?
Apart from sufficient warm clothes, a good trekking shoe and medicines, you must carry on original and photocopy of govt photo identity card such as Aadhaar card, PAN card, driving license or passport without which you will not be given entry by the forest department.
What are washroom/toilet facilities available on the Brahmatal trek?
During your Brahma Tal trek, you will be provided with proper toilet tents that are waterproof. There will be 2 to 4 tents depending on the size of the group. The toilets tents will have a deep pit for your nature calls. You will also have a mound of soil and a shovel to cover it up. This is the most hygienic way for you in the wild. Also, toilet paper is advisable and will be provided during the trek.
Is Brahmatal Trek safe?
Brahmatal trek is one of the safest and one of the most trekked winter treks in Uttarakhand. Since it is a high altitude trek, one must take an adequate amount of time to get acclimatized. Pay heed to the trek leaders’ instructions and ensure basic fitness.
Do I need to bring some medicines with me?
While the organizers carry first aid kits and medicines, it is advisable to carry your medications. You can carry Diamox, Avomine for motion sickness, Crocin for fevers, Avil for allergies, Uni Enzyme & Digene for diarrhoea, apart from those recommended to you by the doctor regarding allergies (If you have any).
What kind of food will be provided during Brahmatal trek?
All the meals are included in the Brahmatal Trek package. The meals will be mostly vegetarian though you can also get Non-veg meals depending on the availability.
What things are included in Brahmatal trek package?
This package includes all your meals during the trek, trekking equipment, Qualified and experienced trek leader, guide and support staff.
Do I have to pay for forest permits during Brahmatal trek?
No. All necessary forest permits are included in this package.
I am a first-timer. Should I go for this trek?
Yes, you should definitely go on the Brahmatal trek. It is a 24KMs trek covered over a number of days and the difficulty level of the Brahmatal trek is easy to moderate. It can be covered easily if you are fit and healthy. All you should do is just exercise a little and keep yourself fit.
What is the altitude of Brahmatal Trek?
The maximum altitude of Brahmatal Trek is 12,200 ft.
How is Brahmatal trek in December and January?
This is considered the best time for the Brahmatal trek because this is the Brahmatal snow time.
During December and January, you will find ankle-deep snow, chilled
What trekking equipments will be provided during brahmatal trek?
Sleeping Bags, Inner, mattresses, Kitchen Tents, Dining Tents, toilet Tents; Geaters are equipment provided on the Brahmatal trek.
What are brahmatal trek transport options?
Transport for pick up and drop from Kathgodam to Lohajung will be done by TT, Bolero, sumo or swift. Transport services can be availed by paying extra in the Brahmatal trek package.
What are the things to carry during brahmatal trek?
Identity Proof
A Good Trekking Shoes
Poncho, Rain Coat
2 Pair Of Quick Dry Tees And Track Pant.
Full Body Towel 01 Nos.
Warm Jacket
Warm Clothes
Woollen Cap
Sunscreen Lotion
Lip Balms
Tissue Paper
Paper Shop
Torch /Head Light
Woollen Gloves And Water Proof Gloves
Woollen Stokes
Water Bottle 1 Letter
Dark Sunglasses
Trekking Pole
BackPack (Min 50litrs)
Personal Medical Kits


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5 /5
5 /5
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5 /5
Manjil Mushafiron Ki

Ankit pandey

March 08, 2021

Brahamatal trek

Brahamatal trek is a wowww trek. Its a kind of off beat trek. Less croud with many beautiful piterseque location. We loved it and will... Read more
Brahamatal trek is a wowww trek. Its a kind of off beat trek. Less croud with many beautiful piterseque location. We loved it and will recommend every one to take this trek with manchala mushafir. Less
Manjil Mushafiron Ki


January 24, 2021

Brahmatal trek experience

We had best time on brahmatal trek. Our group was of 18 members out of which 13 was first time trekker. But nand bhai(our guide)... Read more
We had best time on brahmatal trek. Our group was of 18 members out of which 13 was first time trekker. But nand bhai(our guide) and manchala mushafir team helped us lot. They had guided us for even small things. I would recommend every one to take this trek from manchala musafir. Less
Manjil Mushafiron Ki

Atulya prakash

September 23, 2020
It was very nice trekking to brahmatal lake. This Place is magically beautiful. I loved it!!
Manjil Mushafiron Ki

Anshika chhetri

September 22, 2020
Brahmatal trek is One of the must do trek of uttarakhand. with gradual ascent, this trek is suitable for every fit person. Awesome weather!!! Incredible... Read more
Brahmatal trek is One of the must do trek of uttarakhand. with gradual ascent, this trek is suitable for every fit person. Awesome weather!!! Incredible view of natural beauty.. I loved it so much Less
Manjil Mushafiron Ki

Anand prabhat

September 19, 2020
Awsome experience on brahmatal trek Great food Great experience Great facility Supportive trek leader Thank you team manchala mushafir for making my first trekking experience... Read more
Awsome experience on brahmatal trek Great food Great experience Great facility Supportive trek leader Thank you team manchala mushafir for making my first trekking experience so delightful Less
Manjil Mushafiron Ki

Ankit kumar

September 19, 2020
The whole trip was superb, right from the beginning. we were picked up from Kathgodam, and trensferred to lohajung. The camping at Bekaltal was very... Read more
The whole trip was superb, right from the beginning. we were picked up from Kathgodam, and trensferred to lohajung. The camping at Bekaltal was very beautiful and we also explored it a bit. The journey to the Brahmatal was excellent. Each arrangement on brahmatal trek was done perfectly and we had an awesome time there. Highly recommended as this place gave me my best memories of life Less
Manjil Mushafiron Ki

Aditya Prakash Singh

September 19, 2020
I and my friend were planning to go on our 2nd winter trek. We were confused between kedarkantha trek and brahmatal trek. We were not... Read more
I and my friend were planning to go on our 2nd winter trek. We were confused between kedarkantha trek and brahmatal trek. We were not able to devide then we tossed a coin and that said go to brahmatal trek. It was so much fun on this trek. It was snow all over and we had to trek through ankle deep snow. My friend even got sick but our guide and bharat sir was very helpful and caring. She completed her trek. We just loved the camping sites. It was perfect location Less
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