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Sandakphu Trek



6 Days 5 Night

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Sandakphu Trek Overview:-

Pickup/Drop  Point of Sandakphu Trek:- NJP Railway Station/ Bagdogra Airport

The difficulty level of Sandakphu Trek:- Moderate

Sandakphu Temperature:- 9 to 17 Degree during day time and -11 to 5 Degree during Night time.

Region of this trek:- West Bengal/ Sikkim

Duration of trek:- 6Days/5 Night

Total Trekking Distance of Sandakphu Trek:- 46 km

Reporting time for Trekking:- 6 AM

Best Time for Sandakphu Trek:- October to April

Maximum height of Sandakphu -12000 ft/3660meters

Last ATM point:- NJP/ Bagdogra

Base camp:- Kopidana

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About Sandakphu:-

Sandakphu is the highest peak in Sangalila Ridge on the border of India and Nepal. The border of Nepal and India is not perfectly marked in this region so during this trek we will pass through some villages like Jaubari and Tumling which are part of Nepal.

Trekking heaven Sandakphu is located northwest of Darjeeling in the Northern Eastern Himalayan region. It is most popularly known as a ‘Trekkers Wonderland’. Its untamed beauty and cultural vibes throughout this trek make it unique and exciting. Mount Everest, Kanchenjunga, Makalu and Lhotse are four of the five highest peaks in the world which can be seen from Sandakphu peak with many other small peaks along the border of India and Nepal. It also offers a pristine view of the complete Kanchenjunga range which is very rare.

The Stunning Beauty of the mighty Himalayas and daring yet dazzling trails to Sandakphu will not only make you relish it but also help you to collect some lifelong experience. During sunset, the Kanchenjunga range looks like a sleeping Buddha and a river of clouds.

So take the first step of an extraordinary journey to an extraordinary place.

About Sandakphu Trek:-

As you know Sandakphu Trek is one of the few treks in this world which can offer you a view of some mighty peaks (with a height of more than 8000 meters) of the Himalayan range. Sandakphu trek is a must to do trek for adventure seekers and trek lovers.

The journey of this beautiful Sandakphu trek will starts from New Jalpaiguri station also known as NJP and Bagdogra railway station. You have to reach the station before 7 AM so plan your journey accordingly. Our trek leader will meet you at the station and then we will head toward Kopidand a small but beautiful hamlet of West Bengal. This road journey will take approximately 5 to 6 hours depending upon weather and road condition. The base camp of this trek is at Kopidana. The next day after breakfast and a short briefing about this trek we will start our journey to the dream destination.

The Sandakphu trek route

The Sandakphu trek route trails along the Sangalila ranges so it is also known as the Sangalila trek. During this trek, we will keep crossing the borders of India and Nepal. Part of trails of this trek is in Indian border and some part is in Nepal Border.  On the second day, we will trek toward Tumling which is one of the spectacular peaks of the Sangalila range.  Now on the third day, we will trek to Kalapokhri passing through Sangalila National Park. On the fourth day, we will trek to Sandakphu peak. Today we will get a glimpse of all four mighty peaks. On the fifth day, we will descend back to Sepi through Timburay.

Sandakphu is indeed one of the most exciting and beautiful treks of India, perfect for adventure seekers and want to experience the perfect blend of the culture of India, Nepal and Bhutan. This trek is worth giving a try and trust us it will not let you down.

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How difficult is the Sandakphu trek?

The maximum altitude of the Sandakphu trek is around 12,000 ft which is not so great. However, you need to cover long distances every day. Also, it has few steep portions that take more effort to traverse. Overall, it’s a moderately difficult trek. Sandakphu trek during winters is a bit more difficult as compared to summer. Though it doesn’t receive severe snow like the northern states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and J&K, it gets windy and the temperature falls around -5°C to -8°C during the night.

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Tour to Sandakphu on Sturdy and versatile British time Land Rover:-

What if you can’t trek. Sandakphu has one other gift for those who are not interested in trekking but still want to witness rare views from Sandakphu peak. Ya, you heard right, one can also travel to Sandakphu from Manebhanjang on vintage jeeps of Land Rover which is still operating on kerosene instead of diesel. Even after decades of rutted ridges, harsh weather and some insensitive repairs, a fleet of about 50 Landrover beasts are still serving this route. The route is full of bumpy bolder and dust, huffing and puffing their way to Sandakphu.

Stay during Sandakphu Trek:-

Camping during Sandakphu Trek is not permitted. So we provide accommodation in neat and hygienic hotels and homestays with incredible views in front of you. Don’t expect it to be ultra-luxurious as there is no such accommodation facility on Sandakphu Trek. However, it will be comfortable and hygienic with good food.

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How to prepare for Sandakphu Trek:-

Sandakphu trek is moderately difficult but requires long distances to be covered every day. So it’s necessary that trekkers are physically fit and in the practice of regular physical exercise. Here are few tips to get physically ready for the Sandakphu trek- Begin at least a month in advance and start with brisk walking or slow jogging. Keep increasing your speed and distance gradually. After jog/walk do some stretching exercises to relax your muscles and also to get flexibility. Stretching prevents muscle cramps and relaxes your body. After stretching get down for yoga. While doing yoga, your main focus should be on breathing exercises because at a high altitude you start losing your breath. Your lungs should adjust to less air and for that breathing exercise is necessary.

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The trekking route of Sandakphu Trek:-

There are several trekking routes to Sandakphu peak depending upon the season and number of days you have. The Sandakphu Trek can be completed in 5 days and can be extended up to 8 days. The shortest trek route to Sandakphu peak starts from Tumling and ends at Sepi while halting at Kalapokhari and Sandakphu. 8 days Trek takes you further to Phalut which is around 21 km from Sandakphu.

Sandakphu Trek starting point:-

Sandakphu Trek starts from two locations is Maneybhanjang or Tumling. Tumbling is ahead of Maneybhanjang. However, the most preferred starting point of the Sandakphu trek is Maneybhanjang.

Sandakphu Trek and point:-

It also has two termination points that are Sepi and Srikhola. However, if you are choosing to cover the complete Sandakphu Phalut trek then your trek will end at Srikhola.

Sandakphu phalut Trek distance:-

It is approx. 21 km and has to be covered in one day.

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Short Itinerary:-

1st Day: New Jalpaiguri/ Bagdogra – Kopidana
2nd Day: Kopidana – Tumling
3rd Day: Tumling – Kalapokhri
4th Day: Kalapokhri – Sandakphu
5th Day: Sandakphu – Timburay – Sepi
6th Day: Sepi – New Jalpaiguri/Bagdogra

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What to pack for sandakphu trek:-

Sandakphu is another of a high altitude trek. It means temperature drops to severe cold at high altitudes and especially during the night. So you need to pack things accordingly. Enough warmer, good trekking shoes etc. The complete list of things to take on the Sandakphu trek are as follows:-

  • Backpack to carry all your items.
  • Trek pole.
  • A fleece jacket- It’s expensive so alternatively, you can also take a warm and thin inner to be worn inside your T-shirt.
  • Woollen sweater- 1 for summer and 2 if you are going on Sandakphu trek in winter.
  • A windproof jacket- It should be warm and prevent heat loss.
  • 2 Collar T-shirts or full T-shirts with hood.
  • 2 Trek paints
  • Enough undergarments (3-4)
  • Sunglasses (UV protected)
  • Sun cap for daytime and woollen cap for the night
  • Woollen gloves during summer and additional synthetic waterproof gloves for winters.
  • Trekking shoes that have good grip and are waterproof if you are doing Sandakphu trek in December or January.
  • 1 pair of socks for each day of the trek.
  • Toiletries like Toothpaste, Toothbrush, moisturizer, soap.
  • Sunscreen with SPF >45
  • Water bottle
  • One pair of slippers
  • Personal medical kit as advised by your doctor
  • All important documents
    Note:- If you are going with your own group of friends or family, you can carry 1 item each that can be shared like toothpaste, slippers, sunscreen etc.

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Important documents to take on Sandakphu Trek:-

  • Original and photocopy of government-issued photo ID card. Anything like your Aadhar card, PAN card, Driving licence or Passport will be good.
  • Booking receipt of Sandakphu trek.
  • Disclaimer signed by you.

How to Reach

By Train:-

Guests can catch a train to New Jalpaiguri railway station, where members of our team will be there to receive you at 10 am. There are a number of trains which pass through NJP railway station.
From Delhi, guests can easily catch any train east heading towards NJP via Kolkata.

By Flight:-

Guests also have the option available of travelling by flight, arriving at Bagdogra or Kolkata.

*On arrival at NJP railway station, our team will receive you and travel together to the starting point of our trek in SUVs.

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Some of the general questions asked by our trekkers during this trek:-

Which is the best time for the Sandakphu trek?

Sandakphu trek can be done any time between October to April.  But If you are expecting snowfall and wish to see a river of clouds floating in front of you then October to Mid January will be the best time for this trek because. From February to April, views will be clear, trails will be covered with colourful Rhododendron. If you are planning to visit this trek with kids or family members of age more than 45 then you can choose this time because weather condition in this time is very pleasant and views will be clear.

Can Everest be seen from Sandakphu?

Yes obviously and not only Everest but three other highest peaks of Mt.Kunchunjunga, Mt.Lotse and Mt. Makalu can also be seen from this trek. This trek offers us a magnificent view of some of the world-famous and highest mountain peaks of the world.

Can Sandakphu be reached by our private car?

Sorry but it’s not possible. A normal car won’t be able to make it as the road condition in the trekking area is not good. But the good news is that here a fleet of about 50 Land Rover jeeps offers you a ride to Sandakphu so if you want to visit Sandakphu on wheels you can go for this option.

Is the Sandakphu trek difficult?

Sandakph trek is not very difficult like high altitude summits and neither very easy like small treks (Triund Trek or Kheerganga Trek). It has a very decent ascend but very long trekking trails makes this trek a bit challenging so we can put it in the category of the moderate trekking route.

Will there be snowfall on the Sandakphu trek?

Yes, almost every year we receive snowfall in the month of mid-December to mid-January so if you are willing to experience fresh snowfall this winter season then you can book your trek in this period. You can call 9311052232 for any advice or current weather update of Sandakphu before planning your trip.

What is the meaning of the word Sandakphu?

The literal meaning of the word Sandakphu is the Height of a poison plant. This is the highest point of Darjeeling and poisonous plants grow in abundance in this region so this place got its name.

Can we see K2 from Sandakphu?

Yes whole range of K2 will be visible from Sandakphu and it is well known as a sleeping Buddha. Some other world highest peaks like Everest, Lhotse and Makalu are also visible from this location.

Why is Sandakphu famous?

Sandakphu is famous for some of its unique views of floating clouds between Sandakphu and ranges of Kunchunjunga and the sleeping buddha which appear in the ranges of K2. This trek is also famous for its route, view and carpet of rhododendron on the way of Sandakphu.

Activities to do near Sandakphu Trek:-

1) Trekking- Trekking to Sandakphu is an experience that every adventure enthusiast would cherish for a lifetime. It trails back and forth in India and Nepal territory amidst colourful rhododendrons.
2) View from Sandakphu Trek- It is the highest point of Singalila ridge on Indo Nepal border in West Bengal. 4 out of 5 highest peaks, Mt Everest, Mt Kanchenjunga, Mt Lhotse, Mt Makalu is visible from Sandakphu peak.
3) Phalut- if you have another day Phalut should be your next destination. The Sandakphu Phalut Trek also trails inside Singalila National park.
4) Overnight stay in small villages on the way to Sandakphu Trek. These villages still exist in their Primeval majesty.
5) Trekking through a ridge between Chitra and Lambedhura. You can find only a few cottages here and there selling hot tea and snacks.

Manchala Mushafir/ Musafir Quick Tips

  • Please carry your Govt. approved Photo Identity card(Eg. Driving Card, Voter I card, Service I Card etc). And keep it in a plastic pouch and slip it into the inner pocket of your backpack to protect it from getting wet.
  • While on Sandakphu Trek please carry a water bottle with you and refill it at regular intervals. Maintain your water stock and keep sipping to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Carry some dry fruits or grams(chana) or some chocolates or some protein bars with you to maintain your energy level during your trek.
  • Manchala Mushafir/ Musafir team request you to keep this trek and its trail clean and help us to maintain its beauty.
  • Don’t haste during the trek. Take regular breaks and move in harmony with other trekkers. Remember trekking is a team sport.
  • Internet or network connectivity will not be on the trek, so inform your family members and Impatient friends before starting.

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Why you should go on Sandakphu Trek with Manchala Mushafir?

  • The quality of service- Each one of you are very important to us and your safety and good experience is our topmost priority. We endeavour to give you the best affordable service.
  • Economical- We assure you that Manchala Musafir offers the best price for the kind of service we offer.
  • Experienced and local guide- How much you enjoy your trek depends largely on your trek leader.
  • We provide you with local guides who are patient, friendly and have complete knowledge of the trek, its vicinity, culture and people.
    Trusted company- Manchala Mushafir is trusted by over a thousand trekkers so far and is highly rated by all of them on different platforms including Google and TripAdvisor.

AMS on Sandakphu trek:-

Going on high altitude may lead to AMS in few people. However, it mostly happens when one gains great height suddenly. As a preventive measure, we gain height gradually which reduces the possibility of AMS in trekkers. Even then if someone feels uncomfortable in breathing or any other AMS signs, he/she can approach the trek leader. All our trek leaders are professionally trained to cure AMS

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  • •In case of unforeseen circumstances, we may have to cancel some activities depending on the location and feasibility of the trek/trip. In this case, we will try our best to replace the activity with a suitable and worthy replacement. We, however, do not offer any refund for the same.
  • •All departures are subject to change in case of uncontrollable circumstances like natural calamities, political turmoil, sickness or other extenuating circumstances.
  • •In case the journey is interrupted and is shortened due to special circumstances, we are not liable for any extra expenses incurred. We will however try to live up to our commitments towards you to the best of our ability.


Day 1- New Jalpaiguri/ Bagdogra to Kopidana

New Jalpaiguri/ Bagdogra – Kopidana (84 km, 5 Hours drive)
Maximum Altitude: 6400 feet
Upon arrival at New Jalpaiguri Railway station, guests will be received by our team, following which we depart for Kopidana, our first destination. The drive is mostly uphill and upon arrival, we set up camp for the night.
Meal and overnight stay in Kopidana

Day 2-Kopidana To Tumling

Kopidana – Tumling (11 km, 5-6 Hours trek)
Maximum Altitude: 9700 feet
After an early breakfast, we move onwards Tumling. We ascend an altitude of almost 3000 feet today, arriving at the Indo-Nepal border customs where we present our IDs and visas for approval. We will partake of packed lunch along the way to reach Tumling by late afternoon. On arrival at Tumling, we check in to one of the numerous tea houses which cater largely to trekkers throughout the year.
Meal and Overnight stay at Teahouse in Tumling

Day 3- Tumling to Kopidana

Tumling – Kalapokhri (14 km, 6-7 Hours trek)
Maximum Altitude: 10400 feet
After breakfast, we pack up and move out for our next stop at Kalapokhri. The trail leads us through the forests of Sangilila National Park, with rhododendron and magnolia fields surrounding us for a part of the journey. After having packed lunch along the way at Kaiyakatta, we trudge along till we reach Kalapokhri, where we check-in for the night. Guests can relax and explore the beautiful surroundings before turning in for the night.
Meal and overnight say at Teahouse in Kalapokhri

Day 4- Kopidana to Sandakphu

Kalapokhri – Sandakphu (6 km, 3-4 Hours trek)
Maximum Altitude: 11929 feet
We pack up and move out in the morning after breakfast. The trek today is gradual and relatively comfortable. The trail takes us through forests, an hour-long steep ascent and finally a winding motor road. From the plains of Bikheybhanjang, the summit of Sandakphu can be seen in the near distance. Another few hours’ treks bring us to the summit of the peak, from where a number of peaks like Makalu, Lhotse, Everest, Nuptse, Baruntse, Chamling, Chomolonzo, and Machapucchare can be seen vividly in all their beauty. We head south of the summit to check-in at the teahouse and turn in for the night.
Meal and overnight stay at Teahouse in Sandakphu

Day 5-Sandakphu to Timbury to Sepi

Sandakphu – Timburay – Sepi (15 km, 6-7 Hours trek)
Maximum Altitude: 10400 feet
Following an early breakfast, we head for our next stop at Sepi, a small village located in West Sikkim. Despite being the longest day of the trek, the trail descends for most of the day which makes it easier. We trail through bamboo groves and forests to reach Gurdum, where we stop for lunch and delicious rhododendron tea. From here, we cross Timburay and the beautiful Sri River to arrive at Sepi village.
Meal and overnight stay in Teahouse at Sepi

Day 6- Sepi to New Jalpaiguri/Bagdogra

Sepi – New Jalpaiguri/Bagdogra (140 km, 5 hours drive)
After breakfast, we drive from Sepi to New Jalpaiguri, from where NJP railway station is just a couple of days away. From here, we bid you farewell and go our separate ways.


  • •Accommodation from Day 1 to Day 5 at Tea houses as per the itinerary
  • •Vegetarian meals while on trek beginning from Dinner on Day 1 to Breakfast on Day 6
  • •All necessary permits and entry fees and forest fees
  • •First aid kit, medical kit and oxygen cylinder
  • •Qualified & experienced trek Leader, guides, cook and Support staff
  • •Transport in cars as per itinerary
  • •Any kind of personal expenses
  • •Food during the transit
  • • Insurance
  • • Any kind of emergency evacuation charges
  • • Mules or porter to carry the personal backpack
  • • Anything not mentioned in the inclusions

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