Kheerganga, in the Parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh, offers a mystical journey into woods. It’s most popular short trek mainly for 3 things :- Natural hot water spring of Parvati kund, scenic view of the Himalayas and Charas (marijuana). The name Kheerganga comes from words “kheer”, a traditional indian sweet dish white in colour and “Ganga”, the sacred river of India. There are numerous mythological stories behind the name Kheer Ganga. One story suggest that the name was given because of white colour river Parvati wears while gushing through narrow gaps amidst boulders. Another says the name kheerganga was given because earlier kheer used to flow instead of water. Yet another story suggest that goddess Parvati used water of this river to prepare kheer for his meditating son kartikeya hence it is white in colour. If you want to see the FIERCE flow of a river, go to Kheerganga trek. During the entire trek you can listen the sound of gushing Parvati river and steep falling waterfall. Most beautiful of all is Rudranag waterfall. It is shaped like a serpent. Standing here, you can feel the cold water sprinkle on your face as tiny water droplets from this waterfall scatter upwards. Enroute Kheerganga trek you will find numerous small streams where you can fill your water bottles or sit and relax. There are cafes and small refreshment shops which serves Maggie, tea, omelette, cigarettes, packed biscuits etc. After trekking for 12 Kms you reach to the Parvati kund, the destination of Kheerganga trek. The vast open meadow painted green and surrounded by beautiful snow capped mountains continuously changing it’s colour with setting sun and a hot water spring in front of you… That’s it. All your tiredness vanishes away like a magic. Imagine how wonderful it would be to sit around bonfire under star studded sky in chilling cold night with your gang of friends and co-travelers each having a glass of wine and endless things to talk about. It just can’t be explained in words. you have to go there to live this wonderful moment yourself. In the morning you wake up to the bird’s chirping around your tents. When you take a dip in hot water spring of Parvati kund, It feels like ultimate heaven amidst that bone chilling cold. There is nothing Kheerganga trek doesn’t have in store for you if you are looking for a short trek near Delhi.

Kheerganga trek Trekking route:-

From Bharsaini, Kheerganga trek can be done via two ways:-

1) Via Nakthan village and Shiva temple- Take left from Bharsaini power plant towards Tosh, cross Parvati river over a bridge and continue to trek. This is the popular and most frequently taken Kheerganga trek route because of it’s easy trail. The plus point of this trekking route is Rudranag waterfall and Shiva temple on this route. If you are trekking in march-April months and are lucky enough that your day matches with day of local celebration in shiva temple you can have prasaad of temple and langar which serves deliciously prepared lamb meat. However, this route is also taken for transporting goods by mules so dirt flies in the route. Also, sun directly falls on this route.

2) Through Kalga Village- Take right from Bharsaini powerplant, cross the dam and follow boards indicating route to Kheerganga trek. This is less taken trekking route of Kheerganga trek. It is quite steep and tiring. However the view which you get on this trekking route is unparalleled. You trek the entire length amidst dense forest and cross several streams with the help of makeover bridge of woods. It has more adventurously trail than the other one.

You may choose to trek to kheerganga from one route and come back via the other route. This way you can experience the beauty of both the trekking routes of kheerganga trek.

How to reach Kheerganga trek starting point :-
Bharsaini, a small village, is the start point of kheer ganga trek. Bharsaini is well connected by road to Kasol, Manikaran and any other parts of Himachal Pradesh. You can drive if you have your own vehicle or hire a taxi from Kasol, Manikaran or bhunter to Bharsaini. Bhuntar also has an airport. Open parking space is available in Bharsaini and you can park your vehicle anywhere beside road. Just lock your vehicle. If you want more security you can also park in front of any dhaba and pay them few bucks. They will look after your vehicle.

Camping options at Kheerganga :-
There are numerous tents at Kheerganga that charges from 800/person on weekdays to 2500/person for camping on weekends in kheerganga trek. There will be 1 common toilet for all tents belonging to 1 owner. Kheerganga camping tents will be available on two to six members sharing basis and cost varies accordingly. Make prior booking for camping in kheerganga through our portal to avoid inconvenience and full occupancy at kheer ganga trek.

NOTE:- 1) Mobile network during kheerganga trek will not be available. Make important call before leaving Bharsaini.
2) ATM on kasol Kheerganga trek is available only upto Kasol. Withdraw cash at Kasol or even before that.