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Paragliding In Bir Billing With Govt Certified Pilots

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‘‘Open the wings of freedom and

Make your dream true of flying in the air’’.

About Bir:-
Bir billing are two different villages located 14Kms away from each other in the kangra
district of Himachal Pradesh. Bir billing has come to limelight in 2015 when it hosted first ever
paragliding world cup championship. while Bir is the landing site of Bir billing paragliding, Billing
is the take-off point for the same. Bir also boasts itself of rich Tibetan culture, vast tea gardens
and scenice himalayan beauty. You can see number of colurful gliders hovering over bir landing
site after a successful flight over kangra valley.
Hundreads of paragliders come for paragliding in Bir Billing every month because Billing is the
paragliding highest point for take off in Asia and 2nd highest in the whole world. Bir billing
paragliding experience comes in different form, from tandem to solo paragliding (paragliding by
professional paragliders) to hang gliding and parasailing. You can do paragliding in bir billing for
different flight time starting from 10 mins flight to 3hrs flight and so the bir paragliding price
varies greatly.
The sight of kangra valley right down your foot and snow capped, lush green Dhauladhar range
all around is the sight to cherish for life. At bir billling air flow is just perfect for glider to fly high
and above the clouds and mountains. A vast stretch of beautiful scenery will be laid open in front
of you. Bir, the landing site of bir billing paragliding is an open ground amidst farm fields of bir.
As you prepare to land at Bir landing site, wear a beautiful smile on your face as our cameraman
are on work to photograph you gliding at the best paragliding place in India.
Apart from Paragliding in bir billing it also hosts number of other adventure activities like Sky
cycling, Bir rajgundha trek, camping in luxury tents , Bunjee Jumping etc. So if you are going over to Bir billing you are never short of adventure activities.

Bir billing paragliding highlights :-
1) Billing is world’s 2nd and Asia’s highest paragliding take off site.
2) Bir billing hosts paragliding world cup championship.
3) Wind sails at perfect speed here for gliders to fly high and for longer duration.
4) Bir billing paragliding gives you a breathtaking view of Beautiful kangra valley and Dhauladhar
mountain ranges.
5) Go pro video is included in this Bir billing paragliding package.
Bir billing paragliding Quick facts:-
Bir Billing paragliding height:- Take-off point is 8,000 ft above sea level.
Landing site :- You will land at Bir paragliding landing site.
Take off point :- Billing is take off point for paragliding in bir billing.
Nearest railway station :- Pathankot, at around 140 KMs from is the nearest railway station for
Paragliding in bir billing.
Nearest airport :- Gaggal, at around 75 KMs from bir paragliding site is the nearest airport.

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Available Dates:- Every Day

Be the musafir of life with Manchala Mushafir.

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  • Not recommended for those who suffer from height Phobia and other related problem.
  • There are some risks from every adventure. So, Passenger will fly at his own risk.
  • Alcoholic passenger are prohibited to fly


  • • Paragliding with Govt. Certified Pilot
  • • Transportation [from landing to take off]
  • • Go Pro Video
  • • Experienced and Guide

Activity's Location


How to reach Bir billing by road?
Bir Billing is 68KMs from Gaggal, 50KMs from Dharamshala, 180 KMs from Manali, 200 KMs
from Shimla, 280 KMs from Chandigarh and 550 KMs from Delhi. Bir billing from delhi by bus
is connected through both Goverment HRTC buses & private buses. HRTC Volvo Bus is also
available directly from Delhi to bir billing.
How to reach bir billing from delhi by bus?
Bir billing paragliding from Delhi is well connected by roads. You can comfortably travel in your
vehicle and buses alike. Bir distance from delhi is approximately 550 KMs. Bir from delhi by bus
can be taken through both Goverment HRTC buses & private buses. HRTC also run direct volvo
bus from Delhi to bir billing
which is the bir billing paragliding best time?
Although paragliding in bir billing open for the entire year, best bir billing paragliding season is
during summer months. Bir billing in april receives perfect air flow and direction for high and
long flight. However, this is the peak season and hundreds of tourists gather for paragliding
in bir billing in April to june months. As a result, paragliding gets costly. Bir billing in December
and other winter months get chilling air but is less cold than Dharamshala. So Bir paragliding is
among the best weekend tourist place near delhi in winters if you want to avoid chilled winter.
How to book paragliding in bir billing?
You can get complete bir billing paragliding package from us. It includes paragliding with Govt
certified pilots, transportation from bir to billing and GoPro videos.
How high will I go during bir billing paragliding?
Bir billing paragliding takeoff point is at 8,000 ft above sea level and bir landing site is at 4300
ft above sea level. While flight, you will fly higher above the Dhauladhar range mountains and
Is bir billing paragliding open in winters?
Yes, Bir billing paragliding is open in winters. Though it receives cold wind from Dhauladhar
ranges, it still is less cold than dharamshala. So if you want to do paragliding in bir billing in
December and January months it can be done without facing chilling cold.
Can kids do paragliding in bir billing?
Yes kids can also do paragliding in bir billing as there is no age limit as such. However children
below 18 yrs of age may be required to accompanied by their parents or their consent to fly
What is the cost of paragliding in bir billing?
Bir billing paragliding cost you INR 2200 which includes 15-20 mins flight with govt. certified
pilots, GoPro video and transportation from bir to billing.
Is there any age or weight limit for paragliding in bir billing?
There is no age limit as such for bir billing paragliding but children less the 18 yrs old parent's
concern will be required. As for weight, you can comfortably fly if you are upto 120 Kg.
Is transportation included in bir billing paragliding package?
Transport for transfer from bir to billing will be included in bir paragliding package. However,
transport to and from bir is not included.
Is Gopro video included in bir billing paragliding package?
Yes, Gopro video is included in bir paragliding package that costs you total of INR 2200
including paragliding with govt certified Pilots and transfer from bir to billing besides Gopro
How safe is paragliding in bir billing?
Every adventure sports involves an element of risk in it and bir paragliding is no exception
to it. However, we at manchala Mushafir make sure that you take all the necessary safety
measures and put on every safety gear properly. Follow the instructions of guide to avoid any
misadventure. We have well trained and govt certified guides who fly with you. You just sit calmly and enjoy flying in bir billing.
What are bir billing stay options?
If you want a completely offbeat experience and wants to spend some time close to nature then
bir billing camp stay is the best option. It is a river side camping in bir inside jungle.


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